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Looking for Driving Lessons in the Scottish Borders?

You can't have helped but notice there is a new driving school car showing its true colours in the Scottish Borders. It is the unmistakable brand belonging to long established Driving School ProScot. With its HQ in Kirkcaldy, Fife, our driving school has built up its reputational success over the years across East Central Scotland, Tayside and Perthshire. Now, it's the turn of the Scottish Borders and we are happy to announce that ProScot driving school is now covering Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso and surrounding areas.

Why not get in touch today, and find out why our highly qualified driving instructor Jane can help you pass your driving test. "Train with Jane" our fully qualified DVLA driving instructor, she will not let you down.

To help you decide, why not read our testimonials from other learner drivers who passed their test with ProScot.


Driving Instructors in Hawick, Jedburgh & Kelso

None just now...

Want To Learn To Drive in Hawick, Jedburgh or Kelso in a Mini Cooper?

If you live in Hawick, Jedburgh, Kelso or surrounding regions come and take your driving lessons in the ProScot Mini Cooper and 'Train with Jane", our professional Driving Instructor in the Scottish Borders.

We take learning to drive a car very seriously, and our instructors have to meet a very high standard in order to become a ProScot Driving Instructor. But, we also want your time with us to be an adventure, to be your greatest moment, an experience you won't forget, and it will be great fun too with a friendly and approachable driving instructor.

We want to ensure you are relaxed when you come to drive our brand new Mini Cooper dual control car, which is easy to drive. And yes, when you see the distinctive branding and colours, you will look and feel cool behind the wheel.

Book your driving lessons with Jane and enjoy your next driving lesson around the scenic roads covering Hawick, Jedburgh and Kelso

The Type of Driving Lessons You Can Book in The Scottish Borders

At ProScot, we develop, train and carry out continual assessments on our driving instructors. This ensures when we provide you with driving lessons, we will not let you down and you know your in safe hands.

ProScot have built a reputation as one of the most popular driving schools in Scotland and continue to have more and more driving instructors wanting work under our trusted brand name.

Contact our office, to book your local Hawick, Jedburgh or Kelso based driving instructor and start your driving lessons today!

What do our learner drivers have to say?

Lucas Basnet

Great instructor, helped in any situation. Would highly recommend Dave to a friend.

Jordan-Lee Logan

I enjoyed learning to drive with ProScot and would highly recommend them to anyone. Michael is a great instructor and was a pleasure working with him.

Sara Davidson

Great, chilled instructor. Always felt at ease and confident in the car with Graeme.

Lucy Renton

Graeme was a very good instructor, always reassuring. Increased my confidence massively. Would definitely recommend to others.

Lucy Renton

Graeme was a very good instructor, always reassuring. Increased my confidence massively. Would definitely recommend to others.

Gail Burns

Very good and patient driving instructor. It took me a few attempts to pass but when I did I only had 3 minor faults. I couldn't have done it without Jim. Thanks for everything. Will definitely recommend.

Scott Marshall

Heather is the best driving instructor I have ever had. She is calm and cool but best of all a friend. You can tell she really cares about you. She is never late and gives you all she can to get you to pass. Highly, highly, highly recommend.

Erin Rennie

Overall Dave is a great instructor. Very patient with me throughout the whole time teaching me. He was great at not just teaching you to drive but be able to drive with confidence.

Emma Hancock

Dave is a great instructor, teaches you to not only pass your test but to drive safely and gives plenty tips! Can have a laugh as well as serious when needed.

Jonas Summers

Overall Heather is a very good instructor, very easy to understand and communicate with.

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