Motorcycle Rider Training

ProScot was established in 1996 with one simple aim: To provide the highest standards of motorcycle training at the most competitive prices around.

Bike Rider Lessons from ProScot in Fife Scotland

ProScot ER6N learner motorbike image

ProScot was established in 1996 with one simple aim: To provide the highest standards of motorcycle training in Scotland at the most competitive prices around.

Our motorcycle training courses attract students from all over Scotland from the following regions:

  • Fife
  • Edinburgh
  • Gasgow
  • Dundee
  • Perth

Motorcycle Training Courses in Scotland

Hard work, expertise and commitment have enabled us as a Motorcycle Training Company to realise our dream. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as Scotland’s premier motorcycle training centre, with our highly-regarded, value-for-money bike rider training courses helping thousands who want to take to the road on a motorbike.

Our highly-qualified motorcycle instructors are dedicated to providing the best possible motorcycle training. Other training centres aspire to our high training standards, which are backed up by our exceptional pass rates, first-class testimonials from students - and the reassuring fact that the majority of our business comes from referrals by ProScot’s ex-students.

Motorbike Lessons Training School in Fife

All motorcycle training schools are approved by the Driving Standards Agency - but ProScot is the only motorcycle training school in Fife Scotland to have achieved the prestigious Investor In People award. This not only confirms our commitment to the continual training and development of all our staff but also ensures the very highest standard of customer service at all times.  

Our Motorcycle Instructors

Our Director is John Macdonald, one of Britain's highest qualified motorcycle instructors and a multiple Scottish Motorcycle Racing Champion. The highest standards of training, safety and service are always at the forefront of John’s mind – a philosophy which is shared by all the members of the Pro-Scot team.

Thank you for considering Pro-Scot to provide your motorcycle training. At Pro-Scot, what you see is what you get - a genuine school run by genuine people.

So, what does Pro-Scot offer those who want to learn how to ride a motorcycle:

Pro-Scot will have the perfect course for you if your interest is in motorbikes. But don't simply take our word for this. Check out our testimonials. Who better to promote us than our ex-students?