Advanced Motorcycle Training

If you already have a motorcycle licence and it's been a while since you were on a bike, ProScot’s Advanced Motorcycle TRaining is an ideal way of getting back into biking.

Advanced Motorcycle training in Scotland

Refresher Course

If you already have a motorcycle licence and it's been a while since you were on a bike, ProScot’s Refresher Course is an ideal way of getting back into biking.

This course is completely flexible and can be modified to suit individual requirements and budgets. For example, a course could take the following format:

  • 2 Hrs 125cc Machine control skills in our large off road training area
  • 4 Hrs 125cc On-road riding skills
  • 4 Hrs 500cc Machine control in our off-road area and on-road riding skills

We recommend using one of the motorcycles from our top quality fleet for this course – and we don’t charge for hire. 

Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS)

ERS is a flexible training course which offers bespoke instruction on your own motorcycle, focusing on the areas where there are weaknesses in your riding so you become a comfortable, confident motorcyclist.

ERS is open to all full motorcycle licence holders, no matter what size of bike or how much experience you have, and starts by assessing your riding abilities on your own motorcycle so you can, if required, undertake addition training. Once you’ve been assessed as a competent rider, you’ll be provided with a DSA Certificate of Competence, which entitles you to automatic insurance discounts.

ProScot is the only school in the Fife area that meets the qualification standards required to deliver ERS and to be on the Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers (RPMT).

Advanced Rider Training

At ProScot, we offer three Advanced Rider Training Courses, all led by ProScot Director, John Macdonald, multiple Scottish Champion motorcycle racer and one of Britain's highest qualified motorcycle instructors. (Please read John's profile below)

Bronze: Introduction To Cornering Techniques (1-day course). Usually £150 now £100 for a limited period. (Book Now)

This course is aimed at riders who lack confidence going round corners and want to learn the foundations of good cornering technique. This 1-day course will improve both your cornering techniques and your roadcraft.

Silver: Advanced Cornering Skills Course (2-day course) Usually £300 now £200 for a limited period. (Book Now)

This unique course is for riders who have completed the Bronze course or feel their cornering techniques are at least ‘average’ and want to take their riding skills to the next level.

This course concentrates on advanced cornering techniques and covers throttle control, counter steering, use of gears, correct braking, correct body posture, tyre grip, lean angles, observation and planning techniques, information gathering, motorcycle control, correct use of road position and speed, camber and road surface assessment, limit or vanishing point, bend linking, trail braking, overtaking and much, much more.

Some of the comments and feedback:

"Just completed the 2 day Advanced Cornering Skills course with John Macdonald (instructor and director of ProScot) and 2 other great guys (students) who travelled from the west coast of Scotland to participate in the course. Despite having my licence for about 4 yrs the skills I learned on this course were incredible. The course is very well structured to cater for all ability levels and is designed to progressively and safely take you beyond your natural comfort levels of riding and enhance your understanding of your not only your own ability but also that of your bike. Don't be put of by a little rain.... there is no doubt that the persistent rain on day 1 of the course greatly assisted in developing all of our skills and on day 2, the dry day, the improved confidence levels and handling skills were a sight to be believed. This course is well worth the investment for not only giving you a greater riding experience but also a greater awareness of dangers and added tools in your skills bag to assist you in times of need which we all hope never to face... Thanks John.." Brian Miller

"Just spent a couple of days on the advanced cornering skills course with John Macdonald at ProScot. Had an excellent couple of days despite the rain on day 1. This course has been excellent in building my confidence. Thanks again John... Will come on another course soon." David Jones

"My friend and I just spent an excellent couple of days with John Macdonald of Pro-Scot on their Advanced Cornering Techniques course. Despite two of the wettest days this year we learned how to ride quicker and safer than I thought possible in such poor conditions. Well worth the money for the confidence it's given and I would definitely recommend it to others - John's very knowledgeable on this subject and a great teacher."  John Fleming

"I have just completed 2 days of Advanced Corning Techniques. Having driven throught some of the worst rain that we could of imagined.This did not phase John Macdonald, he used the conditions to our advantage. Following the classroom talks we went out and put all the theroy to the test, So we got to build knowlage and ability one small step at a time. John is a great instructor, easy to get along with, having endless ability. I now feel that I can read the roads so much better and have the ability to go out in any condition. Many thanks." Hywel Merrett.

"Been on an advanced motorcycle cornering techniques course the past two days led by 7 - time Scottish Champion John Macdonald at ProScot in Kirkcaldy. Easily the best money I have spent. I highly recommend it to all my biker pals"  Robin Manson


Gold: Advanced Rider Training Course (2-day course) Usually £300 now £200 for a limited period. (Book Now)

Before undertaking this course, you must successfully complete the Silver course.

Our Gold course will help you further develop the skills of an advanced motorcyclist and, on completion, you’ll be eligible to sit the IAM or RoSPA Advanced Test.

This course covers all aspects of motorcycle riding, from slow speed bike control to riding in built up areas, country roads, dual carriageways and motorways. You’ll also sit a mock Advanced Test and receive full feedback on your motorcycling skills. The majority of students who attend this course pass the RoSPA test first time – and at Gold standard!


ERS & Advanced Course Trainer: Pro - Scot's Director

John Macdonald B.Sc. Dip. DI. Dip. RoADA. DSA ADI FDT CMI

7 Times Scottish Motorcycle Racing Champion 1991 - 2008

Choosing an advanced trainer is not easy, with all claiming to improve your rider skills, but will they? John's full profile is listed below:

John Macdonald is the Managing Director of Pro-Scot Ltd; he is currently one of the most experienced and highly qualified driving and motorcycle instructors in Britain.

John started up Pro-Scot Car & Motorcycle Training Ltd in 1996, and has been a fully qualified car and motorcycle instructor for 14 years; prior to this he had a career in telecommunications and was a Chief Instructor at an Engineering College for 6 years.

John has produced and presented a motorcycle training course for Solicitors specialising in personal injury. He also provides expert reports for solicitors and Courts focusing on his specialised field of motorcycle roadcraft and dynamics.

John loves to ride motorcycles! He was 7 times Scottish Motorcycle Road Race Champion between 1990 and 2008; and was the first trainer approved to provide motorcycle race track tuition for the Scottish Auto Cycle Union. He has delivered numerous motorcycle track tuition courses from novice track day riders to experienced racers.

John's Qualifications:

John has passed City & Guilds 7331 Instructional Techniques, D32, D33 & D34 skills and assessor modules and has a University Degree In Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

He is a Grade 6 ORDIT Trainer and a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving (DSA) Instructor (ADI), (DSA) Fleet Trainer and Certified Motorcycle Instructor. John has recently qualified to be on the DSA's Register of Post-Test Motorcycle Trainers (RPMT) under the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS).

John has passed the IAM advanced motorcycle test, and the RoSPA advanced motorcycle test at Gold standard and has achieved BTec Level 3 in motorcycle instruction. 

John has achieved Grade 6 status, the highest Grade for an ADI/Fleet Trainer.

He has passed the Cardington Special Test with an 'A' Grade, this is the highest recognised standard of driving within the DSA. John is also a DIAmond Advanced Instructor.

He also holds the following additional qualifications - Diploma in Driving Instruction (Dip DI.) Diploma in Advanced Instruction (Dip RoADA), the DIAmond Advanced Drivers and MasterDrivers certificate.

He has passed the DIAmond Special Test and qualified as the DIAmond Examiner for the Fife area.