Theory and Practical Test

To obtain a full motorcycle test it is necessary to pass a theory and two part practical tests. Your age will determine which test you can sit, and if you need guidance or further information then read our motorcycle licence options information.

What test do you need to pass?

To obtain a full motorcycle test it is necessary to pass a theory and the practical test which is split into two modules. It's all about making sure that you are well trained and safe on the roads while riding a motorcycle in Scotland or anywhere else for that matter.

The important thing is that you know how to handle a motorcycle and you are safe. With great motorcycle training from ProScot we will do everything we can to ensure that you are safe and can ride well enough to handle the roads. The test is getting better all the time; it ensures the standards and the level if competency is high. Don't worry about the test, we'll make sure you ready and confident for passing.

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Motorcycle Theory Test

ProScot has a unique approach to theory tuition that will fully prepare you for sitting the theory test and beyond.

As well as the aspects of theory covered during motorcycle training, ProScot students have unlimited access to:

  • The online theory preparation website, Theory 4All
  • ProScot's exclusive Home Study Pack, which includes the highway code, �Know Your Road Signs' booklet and �Theory Success' CD ROM. Students also receive a copy of the Pass Your Motorcycle Test course study notes
  • One-to-one theory support if required

Contact us now for the quickest and most efficient way to pass your theory test.

Motorcycle Practical Tests

To obtain a full motorcycle licence, you must successfully complete Part 1, which is Compulsory Basic Training (CBT); pass the motorcycle theory test; and then undergo Part 2 training for either Restricted Access (Category A1or A2 licence) or Full Access (Category A licence) called Direct Access (DAS). Which licence you can go for depends upon your age and the motorcycles engine capacity and power output. A full explanation is given in our Licence Option section. It is necessary to pass two tests commonly referred to as called Mod 1 and Mod 2.

Module 1 (Mod 1) - this is an off-road test conducted by the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) on a Multi Purpose Test Centre (MPTC). This test lasts approximately 12 minutes and tests your handling skills and both slow speed and high speed machine control. ProScot's training course will prepare you fully for Module 1 and includes practicing on the DSA's MPTC to build your confidence before sitting your Module 1 test.

Module 2 (Mod 2) - this is a 35-minute on-road test conducted by the DVSA which assesses your ability to ride in traffic. ProScot's training course provides on-road training and mock tests to prepare you fully for the Module 2 test.

What do our learner riders have to say?

Colin Stuart

Instructors were great. Would definitely recommend ProScot. Thanks very much.

Kenny Haxton

Great staff, great instructors. Loved every minute of it. Thanks ProScot.

Mariusz Wroblewski

Great instructors. Always gave answers I needed and time with you. Many thanks guys.

Scott Pew

First time on a bike when I came to do my CBT. All instructors were outstanding, really put you at ease and encouraged you throughout.

Steven McCall

Great bunch of guys from teachers to office staff. Really felt at ease. No 1 choice to pass bike test.

Stuart Aitken

Everyone has been great. Direct Access from CBT to full licence. So happy with ProScot.

Kate Ivanova

All instructors were brilliant. I got extra practice after failing my Mod 2 first time round. Thanks very much to ProScot.

Iain Henderson

FAB - good instructors and administration. I recommend them to everyone.

D'Arcy Rush

The instructors are very accommodating and help point out flaws in your riding. Got my full bike licence having never ridden a bike before. Would recommend.

Alan Brown

Great training made to feel relaxed. Great staff helpful and friendly.

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