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Training people to become highly successful driving instructors to join the ProScot team is our true passion. A high percentage of Fife's current driving instructors trained and qualified with ProScot's Director and ORDIT trainer John Macdonald. Our own ProScot local driving instructors train more than one thousand learner drivers in and around the Fife area each year.

ProScot and our driving instructors continue to have a huge positive impact on driver training in and around Fife. We are well respected by both the public and within the industry.

The high standard of driving instructor training and the reputation of the ProScot driving school is what sets us apart. Our reputation ensures a constantly high level of demand for our our driving lessons and that's why all our driving instructors have full diaries and the majority operate long waiting lists.

ProScot instructors command the highest lesson fees in Fife and the surrounding areas. We do not offer cheap deals or cheap lessons, as a result ProScot driving instructors are amongst the top earners in the industry.

A constant high demand and year on year increase for our driving lessons means ProScot are always looking to train up new potential driving instructors who want to join the ProScot winning team. ProScot is Fife's largest local driving school. Training options are also available for those who want to start up their own driving school.

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Why Select ProScot as Your Driving Instructor Training Establishment?

We know that selecting the right DVSA ORDIT (Driving Vehicle Standards Agencies Official Register of Driving Instructor Training) approved driving instructor training centre and one that works with you and for you is essential in your journey to become a successful fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI).

Our key to success is our dedication, and determination (we want you to be successful as much as you do). We hope that after you train and qualify with ProScot that you will want to join us and become part of the ProScot team. The quality of the training we deliver is second to none and it's what sets us apart. With some organisations you have no idea who will train you, their experience, or their success rate. You may even have different trainers for each session.

Your personal trainer is ProScot's own director John Macdonald one of the UK's most highly qualified and experienced trainers. His continued great results and exceptionally high pass rates is what sets our training school apart. John is a top-Grade A driving instructor with 51/51 in his most recent DVSA ADI standards check. John also achieved the maximum score of 51/51 in his most recent DVSA ORDIT standards check. He has numerous other driver trainer qualifications. John currently has an overall Driving Instructor Training pass rate of 97% which is well above the national average of only 18% for all three parts of the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor.

We believe this should help to give you the confidence to choose ProScot especially when you have the daunting task of trying to decide who to train with. ProScot Instructor Training really stands out against our competitors many of whom make false claims and promises to pull you in or worse still use fake reviews from so called "verified" testimonials. ProScot can back up all our claims, we deliver on our promises and all our testimonials are genuine.

At ProScot we take a very hands-on approach. We do not believe that the focus of your part 2 and part 3 training should be computer based e-learning, classroom-based, learning how to produce lesson plans or how to deliver theory sessions.  Nor by watching the same videos over and over and learning them off by rote or by script.

This style of training certainly helps to re-enforce best practice and good techniques alongside practical in car training. However, it should never be used as a replacement for real in car training and quality training time spent in the passenger seat learning how to become a driving instructor. Watching the same videos over and over, learning scripts and learning paraphrases that make you sound like a driving instructor may sound good. But even a parrot can learn to imitate and to paraphrase, it might give a good impersonation of a driving instructor, but we know it’s only learning to sound like one!

The DVSA examiners can see right through this style of instruction in a PART 3 exam. This style is not organic, it does not adapt to the client’s needs. Put simply, there is no substitute for getting in the passenger seat and learning how to instruct and coach. It's the same when learning to drive, you can watch videos over and over and learn the theory but there is no substitute for getting behind the wheel of a car and learning to drive. You need to get out in the car with your trainer while they create real life pupil situations for you to learn and to develop your instructional and coaching skills and tools.

Once you have passed Part 1, Part 2 and completed at least 40 hours of Part 3 training, ProScot will support you on the DVSA Trainee Driving Instructor licence scheme to ensure you get enough real life experience to pass the final Part 3 exam. “Earn while you learn”, where John will observe you delivering real driving lessons to your own pupils. John will use his years of experience, knowledge, and skills as a trainer to write up a full report at the end of each lesson he observes. This helps you to identify your areas of strength and weakness which will enable you to reflect on your performance and improve and develop your skills as a driving instructor to ensure you pass Part 3. This is why ProScot's pass rate to become a driving instructor is so high, no other ORDIT training organisation whether local or national can offer you this level of ongoing support or experience.

ORDIT Approved Training Centre

ProScot are one of Scotland's premier ORDIT Approved Driving Instructor Training Centre's and the first local driving school in the Fife area to achieve the award back in 2001.

ORDIT stands for "Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers", and only driving training establishments that meet the strict assessment criteria carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to qualify are included on the register. The DVSA only encourage training with an ORDIT registered trainer.

Only driving instructors who are a top Grade A can be considered to be on the ORDIT register. They must achieve a minimum score of 43/51 in their ORDIT standards check to qualify to be on the register along with payment of the appropriate fee. John Macdonald achieved a 100% score with 51/51 in his most recent DVSA bi-annual ORDIT assessment. This is the highest standard available from the DVSA for trainers who deliver Part 1, 2 & 3 of the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor.

John is ProScot's only dedicated ORDIT trainer, he is amongst the most highly qualified and experienced trainers in the UK with over 25 years of driving instructing and training experience. All your driving instructor training will be delivered personally by John himself.

Becoming an instructor - What skills do you need? Are you right for the job? Is ProScot right for you?

There are several qualities and skills we look for in the people we believe can become successful Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) and go on to have a lasting career within the driver training industry. The focus for ProScot is to select the right people with the right attitude, attributes, interpersonal skills, and personality. Individuals with a positive attitude who match the characteristics that we know creates a great instructor and team member. We provide you with all the skills and tools you will need to help you through our training programme and build up your experience as you are learning.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist, but someone who really cares about giving your all to a student to help them to achieve their goal of passing their driving test and becoming a competent safe driver. Sure, you've got to be a good driver yourself, but there are other skills that you'll need. Our students come from every walk of life, and whether they are 17 or older, passing their test can be one of life's great achievements and successes for them. It's up to you to make that happen and the rewards and satisfaction you get from that are fantastic. Everyone remembers their driving instructor!

If you have decided this is the career for you, you can get started straight away by contacting us. If you're still unsure ProScot also offer you the option of a 90-minute initial training and assessment session. This will give John an opportunity to assess your suitability and it will also give you an opportunity to assess John and to see if you want to train with ProScot before you pay for any training to become an instructor. Very few training centres will offer you this opportunity. Their focus is on simply trying to get you to sign up and part with your money (especially the large national training providers). You'll be given all sorts of sales techniques and false promises aimed at simply convincing you to sign up.

But will they deliver on their promises? Unfortunately, many don’t. Time and time again many PDI’s are left bitterly disappointed, let down and worse still in financial ruin. The "time share" sales technique is not backed up once the journey really starts. For many the true reality of what they have signed up to starts to kick in after the salesperson has hit the gong and high fived their colleagues for catching another unsuspecting PDI in their net!

Here are ProScot we do it differently. We want to make sure this is the right decision for you. We offer you the opportunity to speak directly to our instructors out in the field doing the job, we encourage you to go out and sit in on a driving lesson, to find out what it is really like to be a driving instructor. Our instructor’s will tell you about their own personal experiences, the positives, and the negatives of the job.

We also offer you the opportunity to chat directly with our existing PDI's that are currently undertaking their training to become an ADI. We encourage you to come into our local office and speak to our staff who all live locally in Fife. No national call centre here, just a local office who know the area you will work. John will speak to you personally and give you any additional information you require and answer any questions you may have. You will not be speaking to a salesperson. You'll be speaking directly to the people you will train and work with.

No other driving instructor training centre is so open and transparent. We do this because we have nothing to hide, and we want you to know you're making the right decision and you've chosen the right school.

Becoming an instructor - how do I train?

At ProScot we offer a completely flexible approach to training to fit a Potential Driving Instructor's (PDI) ability and circumstances as we know everyone is different. Our most popular training course is our intensive fast track 8-day course split over two weeks, they are not consecutive (2 days, 16 hours for Part 2 and 6 days, 48 hours for part 3). This course also offers great value for money. Fast track training means you complete your training and reach your goal of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor quickly. Training is more concentrated and stays fresh in your mind.

Coincidently, PDIs on this course usually complete training for parts 1, 2 and 3 and can be out earning money and gaining vital experience with real students typically within 4 to 6 weeks on a trainee licence. This is the approach we would recommend to anyone considering joining ProScot for training.

Where this is not possible, we can also offer flexible bespoke hourly pay as you go training which can fit in around your own personal circumstances, it is also ideal for those who want to take more time to learn. This style of training can also be done semi-intensively in 2, 3 or 4-hour blocks with two or three training sessions per week. Coincidently, PDIs on this course usually complete training for parts 1, 2 and 3 and can be out earning money and gaining vital experience with real students typically within 3 to 9 months on a trainee licence depending upon the intensity of training chosen.

After Qualifying

After training and qualifying, there are exciting career and business opportunities available to you. We hope you will want to join the ProScot team. ProScot can guarantee you a full diary with high quality work within 4 to 6 weeks of joining us in your local area at times that suit your own availability. ProScot don't ask their driving instructors to deliver cheap deals and reduced-price lessons to build them up. Your work will be local to your home address and typically within a 5 to 10 miles radius of your home address. All our ProScot driving instructors have full diaries and most operate long waiting lists.

The other options available to a newly qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) are:

  • Join another franchise.
  • Become a sole trader and start up their own school.

We will support you fully whatever path you decide to take.

Instructing with ProScot

After qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), we can offer one of the best franchises in your local area. We admit we are not the cheapest. But unlike the big national schools we don’t expect you to cover Fife, North Edinburgh and South Dundee as your area! We don’t fill your diary with a high percentage of unsociable out of hours lessons, discounted lesson rates or cheap initial deals and offers.

Combined with the full back-up of our successful driving school and our business support, ProScot will ensure you succeed as a driving instructor. Some of the benefits: 

  1. You will earn the highest driving lesson rates in the Fife area, well above the average national lesson rate.
  2. Full support from all members of the ProScot team and career progression to ProScot Senior and ProScot Principal instructor.
  3. A full diary with quality local work at times that suit your availability.
  4. Full access to the latest and market leading driving school diary and business management software.
  5. The instant respect gained by being part of ProScot. Fifes number one local driving school.
  6. And considerably more… Please arrange a meeting to discuss the full range of benefits joining ProScot.

Driving Instructor Courses from Fife's top Driving School

Our excellent reputation is largely founded on our highly-skilled, highly-motivated team of driving instructors, most of whom have undertaken ProScot's in-house instructor training course - training which is available to those who hope to join the ProScot team or to those who would like to run their own driving school.

Exciting driving instructor career and business opportunities from Fife driving school ProScot

Teaching someone to drive requires many skills - skills which are provided by ProScot's ADI training programme. Our ADI course offers one of the most comprehensive training programs around, with an overall pass rate of 97%, which is well above the national average of only 18% for all three parts. Our driving school is only as good as the instructors we train.

Our ADI Course is very flexible and can be fitted in around work commitments, with the choice of fast track, semi-intensive, non-intensive in two, three or four-hour lessons, as well as our pay-as-you-train option. Training methods include bespoke one-to-one and reduced-price group training sessions.

To qualify as a driving instructor, potential driving instructors (PDI's) must pass three tests covering Part 1 - Theory, Part 2 - Driving ability and Part 3 - Instructional ability. ProScot's highly qualified and experienced ADI trainer, John Macdonald will use his skill and experience to help ensure that not only do you pass the qualifying exams but that you go on to become a successful driving instructor.

Once qualified, ProScot can offer you a career in your local area. As well as a stunning ProScot liveried car and corporate clothing - and a steady supply of quality work - driving instructors with a ProScot franchise are provided with full office support, further training, and opportunities for continual professional development (CPD). Our instructors are amongst the highest earners in the industry.

ProScot based in Kirkcaldy Fife is the only Driving Instructor Training Centre in Scotland to hold the prestigious Investor In People (IIP) award and was the first driving school in Fife to achieve Ordit Status. This not only confirms our commitment to the continual training and development of all our staff but also ensures that the highest standards of service are always maintained.

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