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From ProScot for a very Limited Period Only

For a limited period only ProScot are offering FREE driving instructor training on our £1950 intensive course.

That's 100% OFF our normal intensive course price!

So, get your new career off to a flying start with Fife’s most highly respected and largest local driving school.

After car costs, franchise and fuel our Trainee driving instructors earn more than £40k in their first year with ProScot. Our fully qualified instructors earn over £50k per year for an average 38-hour week with 6 weeks holiday.

ProScot will turn your dreams and ambitions of becoming a high earning local driving instructor into reality. ProScot WILL NOT let you down, we have a 98% pass rate for all three parts of the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor. The National average pass rate is only 18%!

 * - (T&C apply, we also require you to agree to join ProScot for a minimum of 3 years).

Driving Instructor Training Prices

We are often asked why our training courses are so much cheaper than others, especially for such high-quality training. Well, the answer is simple…

ProScot have low overheads for starters, and no shareholders to keep happy! Driving instructor training is not our core business to make huge sums of money from like many of the large national companies. 82% of the PDI’s they train fail to qualify! They make lots of money from letting PDI’s down who part with thousands of pounds each year. We in contrast select and train up only a small number of quality people each year, to replace those who might retire or leave the industry or ProScot. Over 97% of our PDI’s qualify, another reason we train up so few new instructors each year to join our team.

We look for those PDI’s who have the potential to be great instructors and will hopefully want to join our team. We then provide them with the best training and ongoing support available. We don’t want the costs of training to be a barrier to that. We also don’t look to make money from the instructor training, but rather to cover our costs. Our success as a driving school relies on professional driving instructors joining us and delivering a quality service to back up our promises to our learners.

Our instructors pay a weekly franchise to ProScot for the ongoing support that ensures their success and ProScot’s. This is how we earn our income, from our driving school. Most of our driving instructors stay with ProScot once qualified. With the large national schools, their instructors can’t wait to get out their contracts, they also expand aggressively across all areas of the UK and therefore they must continually train up new instructors.

Training Options

After the loss of several ProScot instructors due to Covid, retirement etc, ProScot need to rebuild and expand our driving school. For a very limited period only we are offering our intensive course FOR FREE! This offer will be removed as soon as we train up enough new instructors to rebuild our school.


  • Subsidised course, only available for those who wish to go on a trainee licence and join ProScot once qualified. (20 hours additional support training also available with this option)
  • Train in only 8 days
  • Perfect for those in a hurry
  • Cheapest way to train
  • Best ORDIT price guaranteed
  • More training hours than RED/BILL PLANT/LDC/AA etc (64 hours plus 20 hours on trainee licence)
  • Our most popular course
  • Train in the shortest possible time
  • Payment terms available
1 Online home study Unlimited
2 In car driver training (Two full days) Tuesday & Wednesday or Thursday & Friday 16 hours
3 In car Instructional training (6 full days Monday to Saturday) 48 hours

Normal Price: £1950 (FREE - FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY)


  • One-to-one bespoke training around your own availability
  • Semi – intensive or non – intensive
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Flexible schedule
  • Fit around work and family commitments
  • Perfect for those who want to take more time
  • Pay As You Go
  • Option of going on a trainee licence and joining ProScot
Part     FLEXIBLE   Hours
1 Online home study Unlimited
2 In car driver training. Flexible hours. (2,3 or 4 hours). Daytime midweek, evenings, or weekends As Required
3 In car Instructional training. Flexible hours (2, 3 or 4 hours) Daytime midweek, evenings, or weekends As Required


£45 per hour (Daytime midweek)
£50 per hour (Evenings/Weekends)

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