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ProScot guarantee not to let you down - we put our reputation on the line. Our success rate speaks for itself. We confident you will qualify to be a driving instructor if you choose to train with ProScot.

If you don’t, we will refund your training fees in full! No other ORDIT school offers you this guarantee of their commitment to you. (This guarantee is available to PDI's who choose to use our trainee badge support scheme and sit all the necessary qualifying exams). 

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For a very limited period only, you can now train and join ProScot’s award-winning team of driving instructors for FREE*

That's 100% OFF our normal Fast Track Intensive Course price!

So, get your new career off to a flying start with Fife’s most highly respected and largest local driving school.

After car costs, franchise and fuel our Trainee driving instructors earn more than £40k in their first year with ProScot. Our fully qualified instructors earn over £50k per year for an average 38-hour week with 6 weeks holiday.

ProScot will turn your dreams and ambitions of becoming a high earning local driving instructor into reality. ProScot WILL NOT let you down, we have a 97% pass rate for all three parts of the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor. The National average pass rate is only 18%!

 ** - (T&C apply, we also require you to agree to join ProScot for a minimum of 3 years).

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What Does it take to Become a Driving Instructor at ProScot?

How are ProScot able to guarantee my training when other schools can't?

ProScot ORDIT instructor training is different from others, especially the large national training organisations.

ProScot have one of the highest pass rates for all 3 parts of the qualifying process in UK at 97% and this is because we provide our training and support differently. The large organisations train up most of the UK's driving instructors, it's also one of the reasons the overall pass rate is so poor!

Many of the large organisations put their efforts into convincing you to sign up with powerful sales tactics, assertive and persistent marketing and tempting offers designed to wear you down! It's almost like a timeshare approach, with sales teams who are driven to sign you up. High five and bang that gong! But will they deliver on their promises and lifestyle dreams once you've paid your money?

A search on the internet will quickly highlight the training and ongoing support problems associated with these large national organisations and one of the many reasons why their pass rate is so low. Unfortunately, you can’t even trust their “trusted reviews” (more on this later!).

Sadly, once you sign up and hand your money over this is where it all starts to go wrong for so many. With the focus on volume training in a conveyor belt style system. It's not flexible or geared towards your individual training needs and is not client centred. The DVSA pass rates for all the qualifying exams shows that 82% of those who choose to train using this approach will fail to qualify! 

So, what makes ProScot driving instructor training so different?

We put our effort in after you decide to train with us! We offer you the opportunity to meet all the team, speak to our driving instructors in your area, other PDI's who are currently training with us and our local office staff. We open our doors to you; we offer you a training and assessment session first to find out if ProScot is right for you and if this is the right career for you before you commit to your training with us. 

The large organisations put their efforts into aggressive, glossy pressured sales tactics to simply get you to commit to your training and part with your hard-earned cash! 

All our training is provided by one dedicated highly qualified and experienced trainer it is bespoke to your individual training needs and is client led. ProScot give more in car training hours for part 2 and part 3 and more ongoing individual support than any other ORDIT training organisation to ensure you will succeed, hence our guarantee. You need quality time in that passenger seat during your training and lots of it!

Many PDI's are simply pushed through fast-track courses and pushed out onto trainee badges to earn a franchise fee for the organisation and almost forgotten about! Most of the large nationals are simply very expensive car rental companies! Many of their trainee instructors have to cover large geographical areas, work unsociable hours, and deliver cheap deals and offers and yet still struggle to fill their diary. Many of them have so little work that they struggle to pay their franchise fee each week never mind earn a living! This is not a recipe for success, it's hard to focus on qualifying when you're also worrying about your finances! 

Your success is our success, we want you to pass and hopefully join the ProScot team. If you do, we help you to focus on passing by guaranteeing you a local office that know you personally, your needs and your area. Our local friendly and experienced local office staff will provide you with high quality work in your local area at times that suit your lifestyle, with the highest lesson fees in the area and no cheap deals or offers. We will not have you running around like a headless chicken!

We do not believe in watching videos and learning the scripts and coaching phrases from them. What was said and done in the video was perhaps appropriate to that pupil in that lesson at that moment. The problem is lessons are organic and driving instruction is organic and client led. It changes constantly and what you need to say and do also changes from lesson to lesson. The skills and techniques you require change within each lesson, never mind from lesson to lesson.

You need to learn all the skills and tools and more importantly how and when to use and apply them correctly for different situations. Putting hours into watching videos and producing pointless lesson plans is no substitute for real practical support, yet up to 50% of part 3 training is done this way by some organisations to save money and push higher numbers of trainees through their programs. E-learning has its place, to help re-enforce your practical in car lessons but the reality is watching videos and talking theory is no substitute for learning to drive a car and becoming a driving instructor is no different.

You need to get out in the car with your John while he creates real life pupil situations for you to learn and to develop your instructional and coaching skills. You then need the correct ongoing support once you're out in the field if you decide to take up the trainee licence option.

ProScot provide a full study pack for Parts 1, 2 & 3, with notes and full access to over 300 hours of online training support video footage for both Part 2 & 3, however this is done in your own time and it costs you less than £5 a week! You only actually pay for your in-car training sessions. ProScot also offer observed real in car driving lessons with our own highly skilled driving instructors and the ability to sit in on other PDI's training sessions for free!

All our Part 2 and part 3 sessions are delivered by John Macdonald to ensure the consistency and quality of our training throughout from the beginning until you qualify and beyond. 

So now you know the secret behind our success and why we have such a hugely popular PDI training program and why many local PDI's choose ProScot for their training.

We do not take any short cuts! ProScot work hard to support you fully in all areas of your journey to become a driving instructor. We know we will not let you down and therefore we can guarantee your success or your money back!

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