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ProScot's ORDIT trainer and Director John Macdonald, is amongst the most highly qualified and experienced driving instructor trainers in the UK. 

He has a proven track record and has been training both Motorcycle and Driving instructors since 1996. He was the first local trainer in the Fife area to join the DVSA's ORDIT register in 2001. 

In that time John has trained well over 250 driving and motorcycle instructors since 1996 and this figure increases year on year. His pass rate speaks for itself and is approximately 80% above the national average of only 18% for all three parts. It's a fact that almost everyone that has trained with John has passed.

Almost every driving instructor at ProScot and a high percentage of Fifes driving instructors and those further afield have all trained and passed with John. His many testimonials confirm his dedication and professionalism to the driving instructor training industry.

Learn with John

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John is a Driving Standards Agency ORDIT Trainer, which means he is on the Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers, administered by the DVSA and regulated by representatives of the Driver Training Industry. This register is voluntary, trainers must be a Grade – A approved driving instructor to be considered and must pass bi-annual DVSA assessment to enter and remain on the register. The DVSA only recommend using ORDIT approved training establishments for your training.

John is approved to train and deliver Parts 1, 2 & 3 of the qualifying exams to become a driving instructor.

Standards matter

There is currently no legal requirement for ADI Trainers to join the ORDIT register. ProScot Instructor Training is ORDIT registered as we believe in providing the best level and highest standards of training throughout your journey to become a fully qualified approved driving instructor.

The training and the quality of training we provide are regulated by the DVSA every two years and are second to none. The ORDIT assessment is scored out of a maximum score of 51. ORDIT trainers must achieve a minimum score of 43 to pass. In his most recent assessment John scored the maximum 51 score.

John has also achieved the maximum 51/51 DVSA score as both an approved driving instructor (ADI) and a Certified Motorcycle Instructor (CMI). ProScot are unaware of any other trainers with such high scores. This ensures that John follows high standards during all his training sessions and gives you the confidence of knowing the training you receive from ProScot will also be of a very high standard. This is also why ProScot can guarantee our training courses. We wouldn't want anything less for you. 

Not all driving instructor trainers are the same. Very few have John's experience, pass rate or qualifications. You will also benefit from John's business experience to help you to succeed as a driving instructor with ProScot. 

With some organisations you hand over your money without knowing anything about your trainer, their experience, success rate or qualifications. You might even have a mixture of trainers with different standards and techniques which can be very confusing. 

If someone was paying for heart surgery, normally they would want to meet their surgeon first and find out about their experience and success rate to put their mind at ease. Yet many just hand over their money to training establishments without checking or looking into it, they just trust the glossy marketing and what the sales person tells them. And that's usually what they know you want to hear! Their job is to get you to sign up. Don't get caught in the trap!

ProScot do it differently you'll be meeting and chatting to John personally and his dedicated team directly before you make that all important decision to train with ProScot.

ProScot are so confident in John's training, if you don't qualify, we will refund your training fees in full! (To qualify for this guarantee you must take out our driving instructor trainee licence option and sit all 3 attempts of the part 3 test if required). 

Other qualifications held by John

Your trainer is amongst the highest qualified in the industry and holds the following qualifications:

  • Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT). Grade A (51/51)
  • DVSA ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). Grade - A (51/51).
  • John was formerly a Grade 6 Driving Instructor, the highest grade under the old system (less than 3% of ADI's were Grade 6).
  • DVSA CMI (Certified Motorcycle Instructor CBT1/DAS). Grade A (51/51).
  • DVSA Fleet Registered Trainer providing assessment and training to company car drivers.
  • DVSA RPTMT (Register of Post Test Motorcycle Trainers).
  • DVSA Cardington Special Test with an 'A' Grade (this is the highest recognised standard of driving within the DVSA).
  • The BTEC level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development.
  • Diploma in Driving Instruction (Dip DI.)
  • RoSPA Diploma in Advanced Instruction (Dip RoADA.)
  • DIAmond Advanced Instructor.
  • DIA Special Test Holder
  • DIAmond Advanced Drivers and MasterDrivers certificate.
  • DIAmond Examiner.
  • City & Guilds 7331 Instructional Techniques
  • SVQ D32, D33 & D34 skills and assessor modules
  • BSc (Hon) Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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