Driving Instructor Training Options

At ProScot we offer a bespoke flexible approach to training with several course types available to fit a PDI's ability and circumstances as we know everyone is different. Our most popular training courses are the semi-intensive and intensive courses, which ultimately mean you complete training and reach your goal of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor more quickly.

Training is more concentrated and stays fresh in your mind. Coincidently, PDIs on these courses usually complete training within 6 months from start to finish and have a better pass rate. This is the approach we would recommend to anyone considering joining ProScot for training. Our instructors are amongst the best in the industry and it all starts with the right training.

One To One

ProScot have a fantastic pass rate for all 3 parts of the qualifying process and this is because we predominantly provide one to one training. We do not believe in classroom based training with up to 15 to 1 ratio, watching videos learning the theory on how to produce a lesson plan or deliver instruction. The reality is watching videos and talking theory is no substitute for learning to drive a car, and becoming a driving instructor is no different. You need to get out in the car with your trainer while they create real life pupil situations for you to learn and to develop your instructional skills.

We do provide a full study pack for Parts 1, 2 & 3, with notes and full access to over 300 hours of online training support video footage for both Part 2 & 3, however this is done in your own time and it costs you less than £5 a week! You only actually pay for your in-car one to one sessions. Observed in car lessons are also available.

All our Part 2 and part 3 sessions are one to one. A tip is to beware of training organisations delivering 2 or 3 to 1 in car and large classroom based sessions, while you pay for a fixed course price. Most training establishments do this for their own benefit to increase profits by decreasing training costs and not for the potential driving instructor's benefit.

Observed (Rear seat)

This method (which is used by the Driving Standards Agency, the Police and the Armed Forces) offers incredible value for money. Many students find they benefit from the moral support of the other students, not to mention the significant cost savings by getting extra observed lessons to consolidate their own one to one sessions. All we ask is that you must be willing to reciprocate the favour to the other student(s). You cannot take part in the actual lesson as you are an observer, you can however take notes and ask the trainer any questions you may have at the end of the training session. We offer a very reduced lesson fee for this service, many trainers cram 2 or 3 PDI's in the car and charge full lesson rate. Beware!

Courses Available

Pay As You Go

Complete flexibility, Qualify in 3 - 9 months

ProScot is one of the few Driving Instructor Training establishments that provide a pay as you train option - many insist on the entire payment up front, with no refund if you fail or drop-out.

Training is normally done in 2 or 4 hour training blocks once a week and offers complete flexibility for students who have full time jobs or other commitments. Training can be done during weekdays evenings or weekends. Students take an average of 12 - 16 hours for Part 2 and 30 - 40 hours for Part 3 with one to one training, observed lessons and our online Part 2 & 3 video support. With ProScot PAYG, it takes about 3 - 9 months to complete all three parts of the training course, although this depends upon the frequency of lessons.

Intensive & Semi-Intensive Fast Track Course

Qualify in less than 3 months!

Thanks to ProScot's Fast Track Course, one of our PDI's went from an initial meeting with us to passing the final Part 3 exam and becoming a fully-qualified driving instructor in less than 3 months!

With the Fast Track Course, Part 2 and 3 training are completed quickly by simply training in 4 Hour sessions two or three times a week. This method takes typically 5 - 8 weeks to complete Part 2 & 3 training and typically 12 weeks to qualify from passing Part 1, including Part 2 & 3 test availability.

We do not recommend one week intensive courses, they are just too much to take in and the pass rate is generally very poor as students do not have time to think, evaluate or consolidate the learning process. You also have to wait for Part 2 & 3 test dates so you can end up completing your training and then waiting to get a test! For those looking for a fast track or more intensive approach we suggest you spread the training out with a maximum of 4 hours per day of one to one training over 5 days a week. This means you can still complete all of your training very quickly but still have time to reflect and consolidate the training. This method takes typically 3 - 4 weeks to complete Part 2 & 3 training and typically 8 weeks to qualify from passing Part 1 including Part 2 & 3 test availability.

Residential Fast Track Intensive & Semi-intensive Course

This training option enables students to concentrate fully on ProScot's "Intensive & Semi Intensive Fast Track Course", without the distractions of home life. This course is also ideal for those students who are travelling from further away. Evenings can be used to study, reflect on the day's training and prepare for the next day.

ProScot operate a pick-up and drop-off service at your guest house or hotel. An accommodation list is available from the office. We use and recommend a local hotel offering subsidised B&B and evening meal starting from £35.00 per night.

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