ProScot ADI Franchise Options

ProScot offers several franchise options for our Approved Driving Instructors.

ProScot Franchise Options

ProScot offers franchise options for our Approved Driving Instructors. These options offer complete flexibility as our instructors are able to choose the franchise that best suits their needs. We allow our instructors to promote their own name and contact details on both their car and their personal ProScot website.

ProScot's franchise options offer the best possible combination of flexibility, cost and support - and our reputation for first-class driving instructors ensures a steady stream of students signing up for ProScot's highly-regarded tuition. This winning combination ensures ProScot's instructors are amongst the highest earners in the industry.

And, with ProScot franchise options starting at £99 per week including pupils, it's easy to see why driving instructors not only join the ProScot team but remain with us. At other driving schools, driving instructors tend to leave once they're established so they can set up their own driving school in an effort to reduce overheads and increase profits- at ProScot, over two thirds of our instructors have been with us for more than 6 years!

Headboard Franchise

With the ProScot Headboard Franchise, you provide your own car and are responsible for all maintenance and running costs etc. You can then operate under our "Full Franchise" option.

Car Supplied Franchise

By going for this option, you're provided with a fully-maintained car at special subsidised rates through our "Preferred Car Supplier Scheme". Currently these are Mini Cooper Diesel's. Which come new with full graphics, dual controls, headboard, 3 year breakdown cover and upto 30,000 miles per year allowance and full Mini TLC Plus service package included for only £65 per week plus insurance and maintenance (which is about £15 - £20 per week).

You then operate under our "Full Franchise" option.

Full Franchise

With ProScot's Full Franchise, you pay a fixed fee every week from only £99 per week, which includes all your pupils and full support and up to 6 weeks free holidays per year plus a host of other benefits. You choose whether to supply and maintain your own car or take a fully supported car through our "Preferred Car Supplier Scheme". Our complete Full Franchise including full pupil supply with a Mini Cooper Diesel including insurance, all servicing and full maintenance from only £179 per week!

Please contact us on 0800 093 7897 to find out more about our franchises and the career options available to those thinking about training and joining ProScot and for fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors.

What do our learner drivers have to say?

Shaun Doyle

Ali was a very good instructor who explained things very well and made me pass first time!

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