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As well as being one of Scotland's premier independent driving schools, ProScot is also one of the most rapidly expanding driving schools in Scotland.

Instructing with ProScot

The high standard of training and service offered by our instructors and reputation of the school ensures a constantly high level of demand for our driving lessons.

We are currently looking for instructors to join the ProScot team. We offer one of the most competitively priced franchises around, which, combined with the full back-up of our successful driving school, will help to ensure you succeed as a driving instructor.

We prefer to recruit instructors who have undertaken ProScot's Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) training programme. Opportunities are also available for non-ProScot trained instructors to operate under our banner, providing they meet our standards and successfully complete an interview and assessment. See typical earnings below. 

A Franchise with ProScot

ProScot has a range of franchises which have been developed to meet the needs of individual instructors, enabling them to operate with the full support of a highly-respected organisation, while retaining the independence, flexibility and earning potential of a sole trader.

Before signing up to a driving instructor franchise, always check it's going to provide everything you need. In our opinion, a franchise which is too expensive, or cannot provide enough work, or provides work over a large area (wasting time and increasing fuel costs) or provides work which largely consists of discounted lessons should not be top of your list!

At ProScot, we believe that a good driving instructor franchise should be flexible, should provide a steady supply of high quality pupils in your area at the required times. It should provide full support at a competitive cost and should enable you to make a great living - all part and parcel of a ProScot Franchise.

What will I earn as a ProScot driving instructor?

On average, our instructors typically work 40 hours per week over 46 weeks and take 6 weeks holiday per year. Some of our instructors choose to work less hours than this and some choose to work more.

On our Headboard franchise, where the instructor provides their own car this provides average instructor net earnings of £38,870 per annum before Tax and NI (this includes up to 6 weeks holiday per year franchise free).


Average hourly rate £29 an hour (Based on a combination of 1 hour, 2 hour and block booking at our current rates 2018)

Average hours worked per week 40

40 x £29 - £1,160 Gross income

Franchise - £140

Mini - £90 includes insurance. 

Fuel - £85 average based on current prices. 

Net weekly earnings: £845

(We have some instructors working more hours and earning over £40,000 per annum)

Tax levels when you're self employed are typically lower than PAYE at around 12%. There are tax deductible items such as clothing, phones, heating, electricity, mortgage as part of your home is used as your office, and you do not need to supply a vehicle for work and fuel back and forth. 

So, you would need to earn typically in excess of £45,000 PAYE to earn an equivalent income for a 40 hour week with 6 weeks holiday.

(The above figures are based on current lesson prices, fuel and car cost's with our headboard franchise and franchise free periods built in. Last update: July 2018).

The Devils In the detail!

We advise you to make a cup of coffee or tea first before settling down to a good read. You really can't afford not to read this. This industry has it's fair share of sharks and it is very important that you realise what you're getting yourself into. All is not as it appears, all training organisations and franchises are not the same. Some are no better than time share organisations looking to take your hard earned cash and deliver only disappointment, failure and misery.  

John Macdonald, ProScot's Director describes the benefits of a ProScot Franchise and takes the time to try to help you to fully understand what makes ProScot different and why you have to be very careful when choosing a training school and a franchise. Please take the time to read it carefully. 

"I see lots of Franchise organisations quoting high earning potential for their instructors, but the reality is that this cannot be backed up if the same school constantly promotes cheap introductory offers and deals and charge low lesson prices. This is not a workable or sutainable business model for any instructor. The fact is most schools do just that!  

I'm a realist I tell it like it is, I've been in this business for many years and so the figures you see are real and honest based on my experience since establishing ProScot in 1996 and building it's enviable reputation.  

ProScot provide an unlimited number of pupils to our instructors, basically our instructors can take as many pupils from us as they need, it's all included in the cost of the weekly franchise fee. We do not give an instructor a franchise with us if we are unable to support them with a full diary, yet some franchise organisations do just that.  

The instructor is often tied into a contract with a franchise which does not supply either enough work, or low value work and sometimes both! These instructors can quickly find themselves in debt to the franchise and by the time they pay for the weekly franchise fee, car and fuel there is often nothing left over to live on! It's simple at ProScot, if we are unable to provide a full diary we would not have given the instructor a franchise with us in the first place. 

ProScot provide an average of 50 new pupils per year per instructor. New instructors typically need about 75 pupils in their first year (which ProScot are able to provide), this number tends to reduce as the newly qualified instructors generate word of mouth and retain their pupils better. That's why ProScot then provide loyalty discounts and a reduced price franchise for our longer serving instructors who require less help and support. We call this our flexible franchise.  

Each instructor can usually generate some of their own word of mouth pupils, potentially another 10 - 30 pupils per year depending upon how well established they are and how popular they are with their pupils. 

So what is the benefit to an instructor if a franchise guarantees you 75 new pupils per year if those pupils are all based on cheap deals and offers such as the first 10 lessons for £99 or the first 5 lessons for £50 or first lesson or two for free? The average driving instructor has overheads of between £10 - £12 an hour so you can end up making a loss for your first 5 or 10 hours of work and then the pupil leaves you just as your offer ends and you were about to earn some money! Would you want to work each week for 5 hours or more for free? Probably not and neither would most instructors given the choice. 

The ProScot model is not based on this approach, we value our instructors and our name and reputation too much, if our instructors are not making money, they would become disillusioned and leave and then ProScot would not be making money! I learned a long time ago that if I wanted our instructors to remain loyal and stay with our school we would need to look after them. This meant keeping our instructors busy with high quality students in their local area at times that suit their lifestyle with top lesson rates and no introductory cheap deals and ongoing offers. Does that mean all schools and franchises can copy the ProScot model? Certainly not, and not straight away it takes years to build the brand and to build trust with a great name and reputation.  

I've always said our customers don't want cheap lessons, they want value for money. There's a big difference. Everyone knows that if an instructor charges low priced lessons and provides cheap deals and they struggle to make a good living they will not be motivated and inspired to do a good job. They will have to cut corners, they provide older sub standard cars, they spend more time talking at the roadside, they cut down on mileage, they try to extract more lessons to make up for the initial loss through introductory offers etc etc.  

We believe our franchise offers the best of being a sole trader whilst being with a good franchise. Does that mean none of our instructors leave us? No! Some still do, and it's usually beacuse they are being kept busy enough to try and make it as a sole trader or they have not worked out just how much support a quality franchise like ProScot give them. Some instructors simply look at the fact that our franchise might be £50 a week more expensive, but they don't take into account that the lower priced priced franchise which is based around cheap, deals, offers and ongoing cheaper lessons is now losing them money. This type of franchise also attracts a certain type of customer looking to save money, they often expect to be ready for test after their first 10 to 15 hours of lessons, remember they are on a budget! A "cheap" franchise can end up being a very expensive franchise! From experience about 75% of these instructors are no longer full time instructors or they now charge lower priced lessons and provide introductory offers. They also tend to work more unsociable hours and cover larger geographical areas as they have to take what work they can get.

So it is not as easy as some think to keep a constant stream of high quality work rolling in to maintain a full diary, in the area and at times you want to work, but that's exactly what a great franchise should do for you. Take the stress of wondering where the next pupil is coming from to let you concentrate on being an instructor.

Each new pupil usually provides an average of between 35 to 40 hours worth of work (the DVSA quote 44 hours).

Instructors can average a dropout rate of between 10% - 30% (these are pupils who take a few lessons and dropout for various reasons; did not like the car, the instructor, driving was not for them, ill health, change of circumstances, lack of finances etc.).

To maintain an average of a 40 hour a week over 46 weeks, with 6 weeks holiday most instructors need about 50 pupils a year. They would need to average about 44 hours a week from March - October and about 32 hours per week from November to February. An instructor therefore requires about 60 to 70 pupils per year to average a 40 hour week over 46 weeks including drop out rate of approximately 20%.

A ProScot instructor only needs between 6 - 8 pupils per year from ProScot or the income from the first 5 hours of lessons each week to cover the weekly franchise cost. In other words, we ask for approximately £6000 to £6500 per year for our franchise depending on your loyalty bonus (car costs are transparent and would be the same for a sole trader) and ProScot supply an average of £50,000 to £60,000 of work to our instructors factoring in a 20% drop out rate. So the ProScot franchise well and truly pays for itself. Many franchised schools and sole traders don't believe our figures, but our lesson prices, lack of offers and franchise rates etc are there for all to see. As a school we regularly have to operate waiting lists as we often struggle to allocate pupils to our instructors who are already too busy to take on more pupils.

ProScot command the highest hourly rates in our area. As you can see our model is not built on cheap deals and cheap introductory offers as we feel this simply undermines the professionalism of the school, the instructor, and the industry. Would you want to offer 10 lessons for £99 or 5 lessons for £50 etc?

What image does that portray about you and your school? Quality and professionalism? Generally it tends to attract low value pupils who often leave after the initial offer ends and the cycle of hunting for low value pupils continues and who loses out? The franchise organisation? No they expand their school with more instructors in the area on the back of low priced lessons. No, it's the demotivated instructor trying to work hard to fund the low value franchise with lost hours and minimum earnings. Quality does not come cheap. As the saying goes "The sweetness of an initial cheap price is long forgotten after the bitterness of poor quality training".

We make sure our instructors do not have to travel over a large geographical area, it simply wastes time and fuel. ProScot instructors typically work a 10 mile range (rural based instructors might need to cover a larger area, depending upon the population density).

ProScot also believe that our instructors should not have to work mainly unsociable hours consisting of mostly evenings and weekends to earn a living, the majority of our instructors hours consist of daytime midweek lessons.

So basically I would strongly advise you to keep away from any franchise which tends to offer low value pupils. Promotes cheap introductory offers and low lesson rates, often combined with having to travel large areas with a higher than average percentage of unsociable hours.

ProScot look to recruit professional people to join our team, who would be a credit to themselves, the industry and ProScot. Quality instructors delivering quality training enables us to command good lesson prices and a busy diary for all our instructors. ProScot continue to provide training and support to our instructors to ensure our standards are maintained. Our customers know that with the ProScot brand they will receive the highest levels of tuition from an established, proven and reliable company."

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What Our Learner Drivers Say

Megan Hutchison

Scott Kelly is a great instructor. From the moment he picked me up on my first lesson to my test day he has been very patient and calm. I can't thank him enough for everything that he has taught me. Highly recommend!

Megan Hutchison
Erin Morrison

I can't recommend Heather enough, she has been absolutely fab from start to finish and helped me pass first time with no faults. She's so helpful with any questions and is such an amazing instructor.

Erin Morrison
Jack Sharp

Thank you Andrew for getting me test ready, helping me pass with zero faults. You've been great.

Jack Sharp
Alex Ghirardello

I would 100% recommend Andrew to anyone who is learning to drive. He is a great instructor and person. Thanks again Andrew.

Alex Ghirardello
Dalgety Bay
Jamie-Lee Bain

Would 100% recommend Andrew to anyone looking to start lessons. A great instructor and a great person to get along with. Thanks again Andrew.

Jamie-Lee Bain
Anton Grieve

Thank you so much Andrew for all your help and fitting in extra lessons! This would not have been possible without your hard work and commitment.

Anton Grieve
Jasmine Burns

An amazing experience with driving instructor Scott Kelly, has made driving so enjoyable and made me feel so comfortable when driving, would 10/10 recommend!

Jasmine Burns
Ailie Hutchison

Huge thanks to Heather for her expert teaching, especially during the pandemic and for boosting my confidence while on the road!

Ailie Hutchison
Thomas Wallace

My instructor Scott Kelly was great. Even through all the covid he kept doing online learning with his students to help them stay focused. Stand up guy too.

Thomas Wallace
Deri Winn

Would highly recommend Heather as an instructor. Was good at explaining things to make them easier and overall made the driving a lot less stressful.

Deri Winn