Learner Motorcycles

We use the best bikes that will help you pass your motorcycle test. Kawasaki ER-6N is the motorcycle that we use at ProScot for Restricted Access (A2) and Direct Access (A), Yamaha YBR 125cc is the bike we use for Compulsory Basic Training, Restricted Access (A1) and the initial stages of Restricted Access (A2) and Direct Access (A), and of course the SYMDD50 moped for CBTs.

Kawasaki ER-6N

Kawasaki ER-6N

"The Kawasaki ER6N is an extremely popular middleweight bike. It has a fantastic torquey 650cc twin cylinder engine delivering smooth controllable power through the whole rev range, the lightweight handling and great brakes offering confidence inspiring feedback. The crash protection system also offers great safety benefits to ProScot students. ProScot have chosen a great direct access bike for building students confidence on."

Gordon Moffat, Kirkcaldy Kawasaki

Some student comments about our Kawasakis

"It's a comfy bike to ride, but not overly powerful for a learner it has great handling and looks the part."
David Murray

"This bike feels safe and solid beneath me, I like being on the big bike as I like the low centre of gravity."
Billy Rutherford

Yamaha YBR 125cc

Yamaha YBR 125cc

"This is an ideal learner bike for the novice rider. It is light and easy to handle with a comfortable riding position. The low ride height, and fuel injection make it easy to balance and control. ProScot could not have chosen a better or more reliable 125cc motorcycle for their training courses."
Russ Manson, Carrick Yamaha

Some student comments about our Yamahas

"These bikes are nice and easy to learn on. Comfortable and nippy when required."
Sheila Jessiman

"I like the 125's ProScot use as they are new, tidy and well looked after. They are also comfy for the 8 hour 125 day."
Felicity Anderson



The Sym DD50 is a fully automatic moped. With its incredibly low seat height, lightweight and basic controls it could not be easier to learn to ride. This is one of the most reliable mopeds on the market today. If you can ride a push bike you can ride one of these mopeds, it's as simple as that!

"We have used Sym DD50 for the last 8 years, they are fantastic little mopeds."
John Macdonald ProScot's Director

"The little Sym is really small light and easy to ride, gave me loads of confidence."
Kailen Yassen

"I am only 4' 8" but even I managed to get my feet down, throttle and brakes were easy to work. I learned the basics in about 10 minutes, and would say it was easier than a cycle to learn to ride"
Hailey Stewart

What do our learner riders have to say?

Michael Foster

Well structured course and all key points explained in a step by step process. Excellent staff throughout. 10/10

Suzuki V Strom 650

The V-Strom 650 is the bike we use at ProScot as our Motorcycle Instructor's bike but it's also used by students in the more advanced courses.

It is a versatile bike, with a standard riding posture, and is adaptable to a variety of riding conditions: commuting, cruising, and adventure touring.

Why do we like the V-Strom? With the ProScot Instructor branding, it has a great presence on the road and it offers added protection to our students during training sessions.

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