John Macdonald

I'm ProScot's Director, I started the company up in 1996.

I always had a passion for bikes and cars, I raced bikes for more than 25 years, finally retiring in 2008 as Scottish Champion for the 7th time.

I love spending time with my friends and family, going out on my bike, enjoying the scenery and roads of Scotland.

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John Macdonald

Years Riding

I've been riding bikes now for 30 years.

Home Town


Course Types

I deliver taster lessons, Introductory Rider Skills Course, CBT and Part 2, Direct Access, ERS and Pro - Scot's Advanced Rider Courses. I am also a fully qualified driving instructor, fleet trainer and instructor trainer.


I love the sense of satisfaction and reward I get from surrounding myself with talented people who have helped to make ProScot what it is today. I really enjoy reading the testimonials and positive feedback from students, over 2000 car and motorcycle students pass with ProScot each year, so I do not get a chance to meet everyone. Most of all I love being part of a strong team with a great atmosphere. I was lucky enough to be able to create my dream job, how lucky am I?


The pressures of knowing the buck stops with me, thankfully my team usually sort the "buck" out before it gets to me!

Funniest Moments

I have lots of funny moments, but one of them had to be the student who hadn't told his wife he was doing his bike training. During the course he left his house dressed as if going to work. His wife needed to call his work and was informed "he is not in, he is on holiday all week". Upon his return home she asked if work was good today, to which he replied "yes, just the usual". Very suspicious that he was having an affair she followed him the next day…. all the way to ProScot! When she found out what he was doing she went absolutely mad and started beating him up in front of us. To be honest if it had been another woman I do not think she would have been half as mad. No wonder he was scared to tell her!

John Macdonald