Ruth Gilbert

I became a motorcycle instructor with ProScot in April 2009, after completing the 3 month training program with them which all their instructors must complete successfully before being accepted as one of the team. I am the only female motorcycle instructor.

I love bikes, I can't think of a better way to earn a living than doing something you are passionate about.

The best bit about being a motorcycle instructor, is being out on bikes all day! Working with people who care about it and meeting lots of students who want to learn to ride, nothing beats the enthusiasm of a students who gets "hooked".

My hobbies are biking!! Love walking and reading, play classical guitar too when I have time.

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Ruth Gilbert
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Years Riding

I've been on bikes for 25 years.

Home Town


Course Types

CBT, A2 and DAS


I think I'm really lucky getting to do this job, not many people get to make a living from doing something you are passionate about. I really enjoy meeting lots of people in the course of my work.


There really isn't anything I don't like about my work, don't even mind getting cold and wet. Only downside is if a student has failed a test and you know how disappointed they are, you feel for them.

Funniest Moments

The funniest thing I have seen in my time as an instructor was a student dump the clutch and wheelie the bike on to the TOP of a stack of tyres and still remain on the bike!

Ruth Gilbert
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