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Introductory Lesson

ProScot's Introductory Motorcycle Lesson provides a two-hour, gentle introduction to learning to ride a motorcycle without the pressure of the full-day CBT Course.

  • Never ridden a motorcycle before - or last rode a few years ago?
  • Feeling nervous about attending the CBT course?
  • Looking for an opportunity to refresh your skills or learn the basics of motorcycling first before attending your CBT Course or finding out if motorcycling is for you before you commit to the cost of a CBT?

Then this is the course for you....

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Motorcycle Training in Fife Scotland for Beginners

At ProScot, we love motorcycles and motorcycling and we want to make sure your motorcycling experience gets off to a great start. ProScot has a fantastic reputation for helping all riders, especially those who are nervous, have never ridden motorcycles for a few years or never before, or those who think they might find riding a motorcycle difficult. This is why ProScot introduced our unique introductory lesson and it has been a huge success. We provide you with the two hours of training first to help to introduce you to learning to ride a motorcycle in a relaxed way before attending the full day 8 hour CBT course. The two hour course is very popular with our students who rode years ago, have never ridden or are nervous or simply want to have a try first to see if they will enjoy it. We are the only training school offering a full two hour lesson, beware of rushed one hour sessions, they do more damage than good!

Two Hour Lesson

ProScot's Introductory Motorcycle Lesson is tailored to suit an individual's specific learning requirements and includes:

  • How to move off and stop
  • Slow speed control and balance
  • Slow speed steering exercises
  • Controlled braking
  • Riding circuits round our off-road private tarmac area

The feedback we've received from students attending our Introductory Motorcycle Lesson has been excellent, with many commenting that it really boosted their confidence before attending the CBT Course.

Please note - this lesson is NOT a CBT. Upon completion of this lesson, you will not be issued with a CBT certificate. You will still be required to complete all parts of the CBT course, the introductory two hour lesson is not a replacement for any part of the CBT course. It will however make your CBT so much easier and more enjoyable.

ProScot is the only motorcycle training school to offer a full two hour introductory motorcycle lesson before commencing your CBT Course.

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Angus McCulloch

Thanks to all involved who helped create a dream come true.

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