Motorcycle Rider Training Prices



During lockdown we offered a special deal to the first 50 applicants booking CBT & DAS together or DAS only using our contact form.  We have received well over this figure.  We decided to honour every valid application, and to continue to extend the deal to anyone using our contact form or contacting the office directly by phone.  


As you can imagine our office have a huge back log of training to book in.  To help us to be fair to everyone and to help us clear the backlog quickly, we will be using the following priority based system:

1. Priority fast track training is available for those who pay the seasonal prices shown below.

2. CBT renewal (Expired certificates or about to expire)

3. Previously booked in pupils who had their training cancelled due to Covid-19.

4. The date order of the contact form submission and date full payment was received.

5. Those that can already ride bikes.  For those that have never ridden before we strongly advise you attend our Introductory Lesson, a 50% discount will be given on your first class (two hours of training for £20).  We can then fast track you onto a CBT class.


This deal is only availabile for those who are prepared to help us ease the pressure on bookings and available training slots by waiting on the order of enquiry and payment.

If you contact our office directly by phone use our contact form and book and pay for your CBT & DAS or DAS and test fees together in full you will receive up to 30% off our training prices shown below.  This will be lower than our normal low season Winter rates.  To get the deal you must be prepared to wait your turn in the order of the contact form submission date or contact date by phone and date full  payment was received .  CBT's only will be charged at the full price below without any discount. 

(T&C's apply).

PLEASE NOTE :  There is huge demand for bike training places and tests all over.  The motorcycle training industry lost 5 months of peak training, this has created a huge backlog.  Some schools have had to close due to the lack of income during this period.  Demand far outweighs supply.  It will take the industry at least a year to catch up on the back log due to the huge demand, the reduced number of schools and the reduced availability of tests.  Prices will need to increase next year to claw back losses.  Pay the seasonal price shown below for guaranteed 'Priority Fast Track Training' or the deal price to guarantee getting your licence before the end of Autumn.

Intro and CBT Duration Wk'day W/E
Introductory Lesson 2 Hours £40 £40
CBT Non-Guaranteed 1 Day £169 £179
CBT Guaranteed £189 £199
Motorcycle training
Restricted Access 3 Day Course 14 Hours £449 £499
Restricted Access 4 Day Course 22 Hours £659 £699
Direct Access 3 Day Course 14 Hours £449 £499
Direct Access 4 Day Course 22 Hours £659 £699
Test fees Duration Wk'day W/E
Theory 45 Mins £23 £23
Module 1 12 Mins £15.50 N/A
Module 2 45 Mins £75 N/A
Pay as you go
50cc or 125cc 1 Hour £25 £30
650cc 1 Hour £35 £40

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Custodio Garcia

Great instructors and experience! Thanks to James.

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