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CBT, Compulsory Basic Training

Our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course is a one day course (upto 12 hours over two days for our Long CBT) which teaches you the basics of bike control and road craft.

It is the starting point for any rider whether they wish to ride on L plates or wish to gain a full motorcycle licence.

In short, if you want to ride a motorcycle then you need a CBT pass from ProScot riding school!

We are so sure that you can pass we offer a long option. Which gives you up to 12 hours of training over 2 days if required......

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Compulsory Basic Training

By undertaking our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, you'll learn the basics of bike control and road craft from our highly-experienced motorcycle trainers. There's no test - with our assistance, you simply work through all the elements until you have successfully completed the course. See the Driving Standards Agency's CBT video below for a full breakdown of what ProScot cover on this course.

ProScot offers two CBT courses: a Long CBT Course (Upto 12 hours over 2-days if required)  and a Short CBT Course (Over 1-day).

Short CBT Course

The Short CBT Course is aimed at students with a full car licence who already have experience of riding motorcycles or for those with a full licence who have achieved our 2 hour introductory course successfully and are fairly confident they can achieve their CBT in one day. The Non-Guaranteed CBT covers you for one full day visit only. The normal Short CBT rate and T&C apply thereafter if you have not completed the CBT after your first visit.

Long CBT Course (Upto 12 hours over 2 days)

The Long CBT Course is aimed at students who have never ridden a motorcycle before or who rode many years ago. Or for those who can ride motorcycles but are provisional licence holders.You also have the opportunity to attend our unique two hour Introductory Motorcycle Lesson first and book onto our cheaper 1 day Short CBT course to get you up and running if you feel nervous before undertaking the CBT Course (this is optional and is not compulsory, you can simply book straight onto the Long CBT Course if you prefer). With this course, if you have not completed all the elements of the CBT on your first full day visit, you can return for another 4 hour half day visit without incurring further charges. The normal Long CBT rate and T&C apply thereafter for those riders who have still not achieved their CBT.

Having achieved your CBT certificate, which is valid for two years, if you're 16, you are restricted to riding a 50cc moped and, if you're aged 17 or over, you're restricted to riding a 125cc motorcycle. Normal learner restrictions apply: you cannot carry a pillion passenger or ride on the motorway and you must display L plates.

You must successfully complete CBT training before undertaking the Part II Restricted Access Course to gain a category A1 light motorcycle or A2 medium motorcycle licence or the Part II Direct Access Course (DAS) to gain a full Category A unrestricted motorcycle licence.

Clothing rules

The Driving & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) state you must wear appropriate clothing for test (we have extended this to cover all training from Intro to CBT to Mod 1/2 and tests):

  • a motorcycle helmet that meets British safety standards (this doesn't apply if you're Sikh and wearing a turban)
  • motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that provides support and ankle protection
  • textile or leather motorcycle trousers or heavy denim trousers
  • a textile or leather motorcycle jacket or a heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath
  • motorcycle gloves

Clothing can be purchased from the ProScot Shop.

On The Day

  • The CBT sign-in is 7:45am for an 8:00am prompt start, and finishes around 5:00pm. If you turn up late, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid
  • CBTs are normally available 7 days a week (check when booking)
  • You must bring your photocard licence - if you don't have your licence, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid
  • Students who still have the old-style paper licence must bring it with them along with a valid passport or, again, the CBT will be cancelled with payment non-returnable
  • It's a good idea to study the Highway Code before attending
  • If you wear glasses, bring them
  • Wear suitable outdoor clothing and sensible footwear, (see above). If you don't wear appropriate clothing, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid. We want you to be safe.
  • Sandwiches and drinks are available at the nearby supermarket

Additional CBT information

A full breakdown of what is covered in the CBT is listed above - but you can also find out more at our FAQ section. Check out Licences and Law for more detailed information on the legal requirements for getting your motorcycle licence.

What do our learner riders have to say?

Michael Foster

Well structured course and all key points explained in a step by step process. Excellent staff throughout. 10/10

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