CBT, Compulsory Basic Training

Our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course is a one day course which teaches you the basics of bike control and road craft.

It is the starting point for any rider whether they wish to ride on L plates or wish to gain a full motorcycle licence. 

If you are aged 16 you can ride up to a 50cc, if you are aged 17 or over you can ride up to a 125cc. Normal learner restrictions apply, you can't go on a motorway, you can't carry a pillion passenger and you must display full size L Plates front and rear.

In short, if you want to ride a motorcycle then you need a CBT pass from ProScot riding school!

If you do not achieve your CBT on your first visit, you can return for another visit. This will be subject to a 50% discount.

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Check your Motorcycle Licence

Do I have the right entitlement for a CBT?

This is Compulsory Basic Training, and is the starting point for learning to ride. It validates the provisional portion of your licence allowing you to ride a moped or 125cc.

Before attending your CBT, you will need to provide us with your unique licence check code number. To find this number you will need to go on GOV.UK website and enter your driving licence number and your National Insurance number. You will be provided with a unique code. We use this code on the day of your CBT to check for any penalty points or disqualifications that might prevent you from being able to do your CBT. This is a legal requirement and must be carried out by all Approved Motorcycle Training Body’s (ATB).

Check your driving license

What licence do I need?

To take part in a CBT training course you need one of these:

  • A full valid UK car licence with category A provisonal entitlement.
  • A provisional licence with valid provisional motorcycle entitlement (Category A) - for 125cc entitlement.
  • A provisional licence with valid provisional moped entitlement (Category P) - for riding a 50cc moped.
  • An EU licence with valid UK counterpart (D58/2) showing provisional motorcycle entitlement.

You can use the DirectGov licence checking service online to see what vehicles you are licensed to drive.


Compulsory Basic Training

By undertaking our Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course, you'll learn the basics of bike control and road craft from our highly-experienced motorcycle trainers. There's no test - with our assistance, you simply work through all the elements until you have successfully completed the course. See the Driving Standards Agency's CBT video for a full breakdown of what ProScot cover on this course.

FULL CBT course up to 8 hours duration. (Novice/Rusty Rider)

 This CBT course is for Novice riders and those who are a bit rusty and not ridden for a while. It is delivered to a high standard, ProScot's standards have set the benchmark for Motorcycle training since 1996. We do not cut corners, unfortunately the standards are not the same at all training schools. Some offer what seems like a cheap CBT and riders are simply rushed through the day and handed a certificate without developing the machine control and roadcraft skills required to ride safe out on the road. This is especially true if you want your CBT to just commute on a 50cc moped or a 125cc Motorcycle. If you want to sit your motorcycle test some schools simply issue a certificate and then take extra lessons from their students during their A2 or DAS training to teach the skills that should have been taught in their CBT. We feel this is very unprofessional, motorcycle riding can be very dangerous if you've not been taught to a high standard. If you have a full car licence and already have experience riding motorcycles the one day CBT course is far more relaxed and enjoyable. But what if you've never ridden Motorcycles before? In this instance we highly recommend you attend our two hour introductory course. This course is far more relaxed and not nearly as intense.

FAST TRACK CBT course up to 6 hours duration

This Fast Track CBT course was introduced due to high demand for a cheaper and quicker CBT day. ProScot will never cut corners to achieve this, however we agreed there was an opportunity to provide a Fast Track CBT course for experienced riders with good machine control a good level of roadcraft and on road experience. This course is aimed at those riders renewing their CBT (must ride regularly and recently) and confident experienced riders with good bike control and a full car licence.  This course is NOT for those who rode bikes a few years ago and are a bit rusty or are novices and have never ridden before or can ride a bike and have a provisional licence (unless it's a CBT renewal). To attend this course you MUST have watched our CBT YouTube training videos which cover Elements A, B and D of our CBT course. This enables our instructors to cover these theory elements through Q&A to establish an appropriate level of knowledge and understanding to complete these elements quickly. You must already have a good level of bike control and be able to complete Element C the in yard bike riding exercises in about 60 to 90 minutes maximum. The on road Element E will still be a minimum of 2 hours on road. Anyone who gives false information about their experience or ability just to get a cheaper CBT will be removed from the course with full loss of fees.  This is a fast track CBT, you will be training alongside other experienced riders. If you are unsure of your ability you should book the Full CBT course.

Introductory Course (2 Hour)

We highly recommend students who have never ridden a motorcycle before or who rode many years ago attend our two hour Introductory Course. The opportunity to attend our unique two hour Introductory Motorcycle Lesson is designed to get you up and running if you lack experience or feel nervous before undertaking the CBT Course. The two hour introductory course is optional and is not compulsory, you can simply book straight CBT Course if you prefer. However in our experience we find that students who have never ridden a motorcycle before can find the 8 hour CBT very challenging. It also increases the chance of achieving your CBT on your first visit and not having to pay for further CBT visits.

Having achieved your CBT certificate, which is valid for two years, if you're 16, you are restricted to riding a 50cc moped and, if you're aged 17 or over, you're restricted to riding a 125cc motorcycle. Normal learner restrictions apply: you cannot carry a pillion passenger or ride on the motorway and you must display L plates.

You must successfully complete CBT training before undertaking the Part II Restricted Access Course to gain a category A1 light motorcycle or A2 medium motorcycle licence or the Part II Direct Access Course (DAS) to gain a full Category A unrestricted motorcycle licence.

Clothing rules

The Driving & Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) state you must wear appropriate clothing for test (we have extended this to cover all training from Intro to CBT to Mod 1/2 and tests):

  • a motorcycle helmet that meets British safety standards (this doesn't apply if you're Sikh and wearing a turban)
  • motorcycle boots or other sturdy footwear that provides support and ankle protection
  • textile or leather motorcycle trousers or heavy denim trousers
  • a textile or leather motorcycle jacket or a heavy denim jacket with several layers underneath
  • motorcycle gloves

Clothing can be purchased from the ProScot Shop.

On The Day

The CBT sign-in is 7:45am for an 8:00am prompt start and finishes around 5:00pm. If you turn up late, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid

CBTs are normally available 7 days a week (check when booking)

You must bring your photocard licence - if you don't have your licence, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid

Students who still have the old-style paper licence must bring it with them along with a valid passport or, again, the CBT will be cancelled with payment non-returnable

It's a good idea to study the Highway Code before attending

If you wear glasses, bring them

Wear suitable outdoor clothing and sensible footwear, (see above). If you don't wear appropriate clothing, your CBT will be cancelled with FULL loss of money paid. We want you to be safe.

Sandwiches and drinks are available at the nearby supermarket

The CBT is split into 5 Elements A, B, C, D and E. You work through each element at your own pace. The minimum time shown is typically for a CBT renewal.

  • A) Introduction: Licence check, overview of CBT, legalities, importance of correct clothing and eyesight check. (Duration 15 minutes to 45 minutes).
  • B) Practical on-site training: Introduction to the motorcycle, location and function of controls, maintenance and daily checks and putting the bike on and off the stands. Wheeling the bikes around, starting and stopping the engine. (Duration 15 to 45 minutes)
  • C) Practical on-site riding: Machine control skills in the yard. Moving off and stopping, Slow speed riding, Slalom (extra by ProScot), Figure of 8, U-Turns, Rear observations, Changing Gears, Braking, Emergency stops, Simulated junction work. (Duration 1 hour to 4 hours, if longer than 4 hours you would need to come back another day)
  • D) Practical on-road training: Theory session. Meeting the legal requirements to ride, attitude, positioning, separation distances, speed, anticipating what other road users may do, and preparing for developing hazards. (Duration 15 to 45 minutes)
  • E) Practical on-road riding: Riding in typical traffic conditions (including traffic lights, roundabouts, junctions, pedestrian crossings, gradients, and bends), and carrying out a u-turn and an emergency stop. (Minimum of 2 hours)

The CBT typically takes 5 hours minimum to 8 hours maximum. For health and safety reasons, you will need to come back for another visit if it would take longer than a full day (8 hours).

A full breakdown of what is covered in the CBT is listed above - but you can also find out more at our FAQ section. Check out Licences and Law for more detailed information on the legal requirements for getting your motorcycle licence.

Additional CBT skills information – Learn from a champion.

Please have a look at our exclusive CBT videos, made by our Director John Macdonald, one of the UK’s highest qualified trainers and a multiple Scottish racing champion.

These videos are unique and exclusive to ProScot and are the most comprehensive you will find available. They cover every skill that should be covered in each Element of a CBT. They also provide excellent skills explanations for both your MOD 1 and MOD 2 motorcycle tests.

Have a look at them to find out why ProScot is Scotland’s No1 training centre.  

Compulsory Basic Training – CBT

These videos also provide excellent skills foundation for the Module 1 and Module 2 A2/DAS motorcycle test.

What Our Learner Riders Say

Calum Mitchell

ProScot have been fantastic. The instructors have been patient, encouraging and clear. By the time of my test I felt well prepared.

Many thanks

Calum Mitchell
Ian Mitchell

All the instructors from CBT through to Direct Access have been excellent. Very accommodating from start to finish.

Great place to learn how to ride a bike.


Ian Mitchell
Radoslaw Cyran

Great staff. Passed first time. Thank you.

Radoslaw Cyran
Dale Buchan

Great team. Always try to help. Thank you.

Dale Buchan
John Dean

Had a fantastic time training with Proscot. Staff very friendly and place has a very homely family feel. Would highly recommend.

John Dean
Jonathan Uphill

Great friendly instructors and staff. Really helped put any worries pre-test to bed. Would recommend ProScot to anyone wanting to get on a bike.

Jonathan Uphill
Dalgety Bay
John Rose

Absolutely fantastic from start to finish. All staff from instructors to the office were brilliant!

John Rose
Ian Leeuwenberg

ProScot was great! Made the whole process easy. Paul in particular was an excellent and patient instructor.

Ian Leeuwenberg
Steven McNeish

First Id like to thank everyone for their support. All staff instructors & office staff were very helpful. I would certainly recommend you contact ProScot for your training.

Steven McNeish
Niall Mackey

Long Time Coming.

4th CBT and first full license. Couldn't be happier. Huge thanks to everyone.

Niall Mackey