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Guaranteed Course

ProScot's Full Course with Guarantee is very popular with our students and includes all the training you need to ensure you're fully prepared and confident about your test and beyond.

We are the only school currently offering this course and we differ from other schools, which if you fail your Mod1 or Mod2 tests, make you pay for further training and use of the bike for test. Why risk training anywhere else than ProScot, it could be costly if you don't pass both tests first time.

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Full Course with Guarantee

At ProScot, we pride ourselves on providing the best, most cost-effective training possible - and we even put our reputation on the line by guaranteeing that, if you fail any aspect of your motorcycle training and you've taken the ‘Guarantee' option, we'll train you for free!

Few schools in Scotland offer a ‘guaranteed' option as their pass rate isn't high enough to support it. This means failure can be a costly experience as their students usually have to pay for further training and hire of a bike, not to mention additional test fees.

Thanks to ProScot's guarantee, if you fail your Module 1 or Module 2 test, we'll continue to train you for FREE for up to 3 attempts at Module 1 and up to 3 attempts at Module 2 (within a 4 month period). We provide a free pre-test training session and free use of the bike for each attempt. You only need to pay the additional test fees.

ProScot has one of the highest pass rates in the UK, with the vast majority of our students passing both Module 1 and Module 2 first time - but, by taking this option, you have our guarantee behind you should you slip up!

What do our learner drivers have to say?

William Tuckwell

Michael was always clear, patient, thorough and understanding. His lessons were structured and was always able to explain the requirements for me to pass the test clearly. A genuinely excellent experience.

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